Monday, 11 March 2013

Setting up Clickatell on Synology NAS

Your Synology Diskstation will text you if you set it up using the Clickatell SMS service (account required). Follow the Synology forum link below to benefit from problem reporting on the following events:

The device will send alerts based on the following:
  • Volume has crashed. (Including internal volume, DX5/RX4 or system volume)
  • Volume has degraded. (Including internal volume, DX5/RX4 or system volume)
  • DX5/RX4 no longer exists.
  • Internal disk has crashed.
  • DDNS registration failed.
  • UPS has been disconnected.
  • Internal fan stopped.
  • DX5/RX4 fan stopped.
  • The system has shut down due to overheating.

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