Monday, 11 March 2013

How to re-hide the hidden partition (Q) on Lenovo X220

Somehow I accidentally evoked the restore process which revealed the hidden 'Q' partition on my Lenovo X220 which is around 12GB in size. After some poking around I found how to re-hide it.

  • Download this little partition editor from Symantec. N.B Had to use a shortened URL as Posterous doesn't like FTP links.
  • Run the exe and select the 3rd partition as shown (If the partition is currently visible, it will be showing '07' like the other partitions)

Click in the first column and choose Set Type and select option '17', Hidden IFS (NTFS, HPFS) as I've done.
  • Save Changes, exit and reboot
Worked a treat for me after a nervous wait for it to reboot.

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