Monday, 13 October 2014

Harmony Smart Control won't turn off Playstation (updated 26/07/15)

[See 2nd option at the bottom for the alternative fix]

If your Harmony remote won't turn off your PS3 using bluetooth (but turns on OK), modify the power settings for the Power Off so they like like mine below. Seems there is a bug in the Harmony software that mixes up the cross and circle depending on what region you're in.

This worked for me.

Or, I tried the following steps today (about 10 mins to full reconfigure) and everything works out of the box. Obviously Harmony have the circle and cross switched around for NZ and Australia.
  1. Open the MyHarmony program on your PC/MAC
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click 'My account' in the top-right corner
  4. Change your country to 'Japan' 
  5. Click OK and open your Remote from Gallery
  6. Delete Sony PlayStation 3 in your Account
Then, using the IOS or Android App
  1. Re-add the PS3 and complete the Bluetooth pairing process again
  2. Re-configure the Activities with the newly added device 
  3. Sync your Remote & Test the working of PlayStation 3
Furthermore, I added access to the triangle (Info button), Circle (Return button) and Cross (E button) using the following steps
  1. Enter the hamburger menu top left
  2. > Harmony Setup
  3. > Add/Edit Device Activities
  4. > Remote and Hub
  5. > Harmony Smart Control
  6. > Activity Control Buttons
  7. > Play PS3
Unassigned buttons will be highlighted yellow but you can also configure short press and long press actions for most of the other buttons. Just touch the button you wish to configure and follow the on-screen prompts.

I have mapped the PS and PSHold buttons to the DVR button so I can exit apps like Netflix with the Harmony remote which was not possible prior.

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